Read what some of our audience members are saying about, “She Wears Scented Rose”.


Read a 5 Star Review from Close Up Culture!she_wears_prod_pic



Carlos Moises (5/5) Superb theatre production of a gripping thriller. The suspense goes in-crescendo until reaching its final climax, which leaves the audience gobsmacked. A must-see play.


Blanca Cantalejo (5/5) 
She wears scented rose is an intriguing new play that will keep you at the edge of the seat from beginning to end. Extremely well acted by all actors but especially by the two main male characters.

Edward Hughes (5/5)
This was heading for three stars at half time, but the second act became compelling viewing, at once both emotional, horrifying, upsetting, gripping and entirely unexpected. Fringe at its best. One word. Go.


Jayn Lee-Miller (5/5)
Absolutely first class and a must see for anyone who enjoys thrillers! It really had you on the edge of your seat and the first half was absolutely fantastic….the second half was totally incredible! The acting was amazing. The play intensified as it went on and most of the audience was spellbound! Really great and should be on in a big West End Theatre.
I took a friend who is visiting from the States and she absolutely loved it too. Do not miss this and tell all your friends!


Katy Delescot (5/5) ****** PHENOMENAL *******
Having read a few reviews before going, I knew the play would be good but I had not been prepared to see near perfection.


Sharon Chen (4/5) Great entertainment!
Didn’t know what to expect but had a very enjoyable evening. Plot was sufficiently intriguing to keep us guessing to about 3/4 of the way through. Lead actors were excellent. Professionally stage managed too.