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Razor Sharp Productions produce original new plays designed to keep an audience gripped from start to finish. Combining the excitement of film with the intensity of theatre our aim is to give audiences an unforgettable theatrical experience.

It’s 1999- and twenty-five-year-old Amber Da Costa vanishes without a trace from West London. A sketch of a man, last seen with her is issued but despite repeated appeals from the police, he never comes forward…

Prince / David is a brand-new production based on an original script. The story shines a light on the attitudes held by the police, media and society at large in the 90s, which not only placed women in vulnerable positions but greatly contributed to crimes against females being trivialized, ignored and largely dismissed. In light of recent issues, the play has become very topical.

The play contains strong language, adult themes, discussions on gender and race and descriptions of violence.

It’s 2009 and the nation is in the midst of a recession. Times are tough and only the toughest survive! 

In to the fray steps Alisha Harper-Gill, a diligent professional who suddenly finds herself facing a disciplinary action instigated by her male bosses. With dismissal impending, the odds are stacked against her and Alisha has to make a decision. Does she hand in her letter of resignation thereby saving her reputation or does she confront her opponents and Rumble!

“I see many shows and often there’s disappointment. And then, now and again, you stumble into a gem. RUMBLE is a gem!
I was transfixed and triggered by this play! If you can fit it in, you won’t be disappointed” – Richard Lambert.

She wears Scented Rose is a nail-biting, thriller of a stage-play which tells the story of Mark, a happily married family man, who becomes the victim of a car-jacking which leaves him in hospital fighting for his life. It appears a straight forward case of a robbery which has gone wrong, but is there more to the crime than meets the eye?

Story of Alison Jones- Williams, a bright, diligent professional who found herself on the end of a constructive dismissal instigated by her male bosses.
Did she resign to to save herself from humiliation or did she stand up and fight knowing she was up against a corporate giant that could destroy her forever?

It’s close to midnight and a man lies by a road close to death.
He is the victim of a car-jacking.
But is there more to this crime than meets the eye?