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Quotes about RUMBLE!

"I see many shows and often there's disappointment. And then, now and again, you stumble into a gem. RUMBLE is a gem! I was transfixed and triggered by this play! If you can fit it in, you won't be disappointed."

Richard Lambert

"This was a play I thoroughly enjoyed. The Drayton Arms is a pub / theatre which must have suffered terribly during lockdown. It deserves to do well."

Philippa Manasseh (5/5)

“Entertaining and engaging right from the start and kept the audience engaged throughout. Workplace bullying bought to life in a true to life drama... and believable. Well worth going to this okay !”

Chris Beresford (4/5)

"A really enjoyable well acted play with a plotline which will keep you engrossed to the end. Thoroughly recommend."

Susan de Sousa (4/5)

"A brilliant show with superb acting. Thoroughly enjoyed this captivating production. Rumble is most definitely worth seeing."

Sybil Berry (4/5)
"I thoroughly enjoyed this fast moving and very witty play. Actors were brilliant and I spotted quite a few male stereotypes from my years working for a large corporation - a very satisfying conclusion. Scene changes were done seamlessly by backstage staff.Thanks to all for a great show."
Jill Montgomery (5/5)

"The Show was fantastic. A really great production with a theme that really hit a nerve for someone who has experienced thebehaviours portrayed in the workplace . It was a serious subject but delivered in a comedic manner and had the audience rolling with laughter.
I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and would not hesitate to recommend it."

Safia Khan (5/5)

"Really enjoyed Rumble! Fast paced, funny and a great cast."

David Chappell (5/5)

"Excellent show. Great acting with an interesting and engaging story line about workplace bullying. There were some laugh out loudmoments too."

Anne Rowlands (4/5)

"Enjoyable. Fun.Funny. Lively and full of life."

Kay Davison (4/5)
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It’s 2009 and the nation is in the midst of a recession. Times are tough and only the toughest survive! 

In to the fray steps Alisha Harper-Gill, a diligent professional who suddenly finds herself facing a disciplinary action instigated by her male bosses. With dismissal impending, the odds are stacked against her and Alisha has to make a decision. Does she hand in her letter of resignation thereby saving her reputation or does she confront her opponents and Rumble!

The show opens 19:30 from November 23rd to December 4th 2021.


Drayton Arms Theatre
153 Old Brompton Road

Ticket Prices

Tickets can be purchased from ticketsource.co.uk at a price of either £16 for standard tickets or £14 for concession tickets.


Please note: This play contains strong language and adult themes.